Radio Shack Training

This entertaining project started out as a request for a video that would communicate to employees the principles and process of the internal R-SMART goal setting initiative. Our exploratory meetings revealed that the video was intended to support a facilitator-led training process. The scenarios needed to portray samples of both successful and unsuccessful goal-setting attempts, which might initiate group discussion. The dilemma was that there are several points in the goal-setting process where choices and evaluations need to be made by the employee— each of which would lead the process off in a slightly different direction and generate different results. That kind of complexity would be hard to portray in a linear format such as video.

We proposed an imaginative and entertaining interactive solution that would accomplish all of our client’s objectives and more. The initial video segment (viewed on this page) would establish the process rules, motivations and management objectives– ending with initial goal-setting proposals from each of three employee characters. The facilitator could lead a group discussion regarding the merits of each proposal and then use the DVD menu to view dramatized evaluations of each. The flexible nature of the DVD menu structure allowed participants to view various paths through the goal development process based on differing sets of criteria.

What we did
  • Research
  • Concept
  • Story and character development
  • Message strategy
  • Scripting
  • DVD architecture
  • Print support
  • PARTNERS Radio Shack in-house production department
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