Websites: User Focused/Market Driven

Some website companies approach development purely from a design perspective for an appealing look. Some approach development as a coding exercise. Obviously, both are important, but neither should be the primary approach to website creation.

Imagimedia believes that the primary driver for website development should be a balance between marketing strategy and user needs and expectations. Together, these ultimately drive design and technical approach. So we work extensively with our clients to gain a deep understand of their offerings, audiences and business objectives. Then we help them translate it all into strategic communication plans that drive every aspect of website design and development.

Our Process

Here is the chronological process we follow with every website project. It is clear that there are many vital steps, which must be taken before design and coding can begin.

We don't just build websites. We are communicators who know that the effectiveness of a website depends primarily upon the careful exploration and thought put into the process



Complete Services

In addition to custom website creation, Imagimedia offers complete services for ongoing support and integration.




  1. Business goal assessment
  2. Strategic communication planning
  3. Message determination
  4. Content development
  5. Functional requirement assessment
  6. Prioritization of objectives
  7. Information architecture
  8. Wireframes, testing, and prototyping for effective UI / UX
  9. Visual design to strengthen brand and positioning
  10. Site coding



  • We modify and update existing websites
  • Domain name search and purchase
  • Web hosting designed to protect you and your investment
  • Webmaster and on-going maintenance services
  • SEO and Social Media integration
  • Dedicated Mobile and Responsive websites
  • Web video creation and streaming

Website Pricing

Our work is customized to create the greatest value between communication objectives and your budget.

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