Website Hosting Designed to Protect You

You don't need to be held hostage by your website provider. Larger corporate customers often host their websites on their own servers. But companies that don't should benefit from the same control and accessibility as they would if they were maintaining their own servers. Unfortunately, businesses often report to us how their website providers control access to their files, and even hold ownership of the business' domain name. This makes it difficult for the business to terminate the relationship with the provider should they wish to do so.

Imagimedia is committed to the practice of using highly reputable 3rd party hosting companies and establishing the hosting accounts and domains in our customer's name. This way, you always have access to and control over your website files and hosting features. This arrangement still allows Imagimedia to serve as your webmaster or make modifications to your site, should you want us to do so. There simply is no downside to doing it this way, while it guarantees that you can easily control one of your most important business assets.

Key Advantages

  • You own the hosting account and have full access to it..
  • You own your domain name.
  • You can move your account any time you want to.
  • You can have Imagimedia serve as your webmaster and perform regular maintenance and updates, or someone in your company can do so, or you may employ another company.
  • Your website resides on highly reliable 3rd party servers.
  • 3rd party servers are maintained by large full-time staff that guarantees 99.99% up-time, security, technology updates and full featured back end control panel.
  • Imagimedia does not "white label" the 3rd party hosting and mark it up, as do many other website providers.

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