Video: Thoughtful, Imaginative Communications

What's more important, great ideas or strong messaging? Actually, that's a trick question, because in our opinion, they're one in the same. The two must work hand in hand. Conceptual ideas are only "great" when they support and further the most important strategic messages. At the same time, even the most "on-target" message will be unmemorable if not delivered with an organic creative approach.

We truly believe that great ideas can happen at any budget range. So lower cost doesn't mean you are limited to a simple talking-head video. And even if that's the right choice for other reasons, we always find a way to make the "talking" more engaging and memorable. We take great pride in every project, striking the right balance of thoughtful, imaginative communications.

Our Process

Here is the development process we typically follow in the creation of a video. It is clear that there are many vital steps, which must be taken to ensure professional, targeted, engaging communications.

We are certain that the effectiveness of a video depends primarily upon detailed exploration of audience and business objectives, careful and thoughtful messaging, engaging imagination, and attention to the production details.



Production Options

Imagimedia has a depth of producer experience to be able to include any creative idea or production technique that addresses communication objective and budget..




  1. Research w/ Subject Matter Expert(s)
  2. Goal/assets assessment
  3. Communication strategy / message determination
  4. Creative concept
  5. Scripts/storyboards
  6. Pre-production planning
  7. Location/studio/interview shoots
  8. Graphic design/animation
  9. Video editing
  10. Video encoding





  • Actors for dramatic/comedic enactments
  • Voice overs and narration
  • Green screen for special effects
  • Arial and action shoots
  • Event documentation
  • Motion graphics and animation
  • Original music/scoring

Video Pricing

Our videos are customized to create the greatest value between communication objectives and your budget.

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