Interactive Media that Connects

So what isn't interactive these days? Yes, most digital media is or can be made to be interactive. We can interact with websites, videos, phone apps, kiosk an desktop presentations-- you name it. So this is an area Imagimedia works in that encompasses nearly any kind of communication where user interaction is important (we've simply separated websites into their own category, as such a large segment of this kind of work).

Interactive media can serve any business purpose where it is important to actively engage the user to create interest, gather information, make assessments, or educate. Examples include, direct marketing, employee training, testing, information gathering, surveys, greeting cards and games, to name a few. The interactive experience can be delivered by text, video, audio, still image or animations. Though often, a combination of elements are used. Most interactive experiences are delivered via the Internet and so are self-directed. However they can be a great support during live presentations with a teacher or facilitator.

Imagimedia delivers imaginative, engaging interactive solutions for any business objective.

Our Process

Here are the typical elements of our interactive development process. Interactive projects can take a variety of forms for many purposes, utilizing a variety of technical approaches. Depending on the complexity of the project, each of these elements may or may not be included.

As with all creative communications projects, ultimately, the effectiveness of the project depends upon detailed exploration of audience needs and expectations, coupled with clear business objectives, careful and thoughtful messaging, engaging imagination, and attention to the production details.




Communication Planning
  • Research w/ Subject Matter Expert(s)
  • Goal/assets assessment
  • Communication strategy / message determination
Creative Development
  • Creative concept
  • Visual design
  • Scripts/storyboards
Video/Audio/ Production
  • Pre-production planning
  • Video enactments, interviews and documentation
  • Audio recordings
  • Graphics, animation, editing
Interface Development
  • Information architecture
  • Wire frames and prototypes
  • User experience testing
  • Coding

Interactive Pricing

Our Interactive creations are customized to create the greatest value between communication objectives and your budget.

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