In the two decades that we've been in business we've never once used a cookie-cutter or routine approach to any project. We're a small shop that enjoys creating all original solutions for each of our client's unique business needs. That means every step of every project is completely personalized.

We’ve learned that successful companies aren’t interested in an expert resource that just performs a task. That’s why we approach every project with the idea of forming a partnership between your expertise and ours. We are in it all the way—whatever it takes for the success of our mutual endeavor.

Key Advantages

  • You work directly with company principals who are vested in your success.
  • We design to your budget.
  • We never charge a penny more than the agreed amount.
  • We put our heart into everything we create, taking great pride in our work.
  • We have won numerous awards.
  • We produce everything in-house- no subcontracting.




We'll Show You the Way.

We promise that every step we take with you is truly personalized.
A big part of our satisfaction is helping you along the journey together.



Great Things About Working with Imagimedia

Some companies are about marketing or strategic messaging. Others provide creative services. And then there are production companies. Each handles one very important part of the total media communication development process. Imagimedia is different. Our expertise is integrated across strategic, creative and production services. Our advantage is that we don't hand anything off to a 3rd party. This assures greater continuity, so that the ideas you start out with are the solutions you end up with.

We provide innovative communication solutions from the convergence of information, creativity and technology- addressing the challenges of business management at all levels.

Our team-oriented approach starts even before you've agreed to work with us. We help guide you across the landscape of possibilities to discover ways to get the most out of your budget. We take time to understand your objectives, audience and brand, and then propose options that offer the best balance between your goals and project parameters.

Based on this mutual exploration, we design your scope of project to meet your budget.

All our work is custom-made to meet your specific budget, which will dictate the production elements and time that can be spent. That doesn't mean we’ll settle for inferior work just because the clock has timed out. Instead, we know how much time it should take to accomplish each of the tasks based on their complexity, and we design the scope of each project to be as complex or simple as is necessary. Then we only charge you for that time, even though we may have to spend more time if we miscalculated. Bottom line is that we want to be proud of our work, so we’ll make the most out of whatever resources are affordable.

We believe that effective communication can happen at any budget range.

We know that the effectiveness of media production depends upon the strength of the thought that goes into it, and how well every detail in the production adheres to these objectives. So, during all phases of development, we are squarely focused on the underlying communication. The detailed thought that goes into strategy, concept, creative and messaging serves as a measuring stick for even the smallest choice in the production process.

That’s what makes our work more effective, and why we’re communication experts, not just media producers.

Our work comprises projects for many purposes, including marketing, sales, advertising, PR, recruitment, training, HR, and C-level communications. Our clients are just as diverse, as we've supported business communication objectives in numerous industries, including healthcare, telecom, transportation, information technology, retail, food service, oil and gas, real estate, and non-profit.

Our diverse expertise allows us to offer our clients insight from many business communication perspectives.

We believe that how happy you are working with us is nearly as important as how happy you are with the work we create for you. We’re good listeners and truly enjoy a collaborative experience. You’ll appreciate that we take time to understand your expectations and clearly communicate our ideas and plans. We establish key approval points where we make sure you’re loving it, and rework it until you do.

Working closely together as a team, ensures that you’ll never be surprised at the outcome of the project, and that you’ll always have confidence in the outcome.

As we are often asked by a client if they will own the work when it's complete, we must assume that many of our competitors retain the rights of ownership to the work they produce. We also encounter clients who have done work with other companies, but have no access to files or servers , and often don't even own their domain name.

Imagimedia would never even think of such an arrangement. Everything we do is “work for hire.” That means you pay us to do the work, and it is yours. We’ll provide you with all files, and make sure that domain names and hosting are in your name and you have direct access to all content.