In Command Broadcasting

This video promotes a live and online interactive seminar developed to promote In Command Broadcasting’s suite of webcast tools. Imagimedia developed the direct marketing strategy, the creative concept, messaging, and all production. This video was the key element in an email direct marketing campaign.

We created the graphical email and developed messaging to motivate recipients to click on the link, which launched the video. The video was embedded in a Flash container that we developed. The Flash displayed additional details about the seminar, building a larger presentation of graphics and text around the video. These details were triggered to appear based on several cues we placed in the video, so that the added information appeared in relation to the content of the video. This approach allowed us to create a much larger presentation space that did not require large amounts of bandwidth. The overall effect was to create the impression of a cutting edge technical experience that addressed our business audiences’ hunger for new innovative technical solutions to their business communication challenges.

What we did
  • Direct Marketing Strategy
  • Creative concept
  • Message determination
  • Scripting/li>
  • Video shoot
  • Motion graphics/animation
  • Editing
  • Flash presentation design
  • Flash coding
  • email templates