Tailwaggers Country Inn

Tailwaggers is a like a vacation for your pet. This high-end boarding, daycare and grooming service located on several acres in the country offers an idyllic playland of water, green fields and fun. Our objective was two-fold: to capture this spirit, while differentiating Tailwaggers on the basis of their quality of service. We worked closely with Tailwaggers to identify their marketing strengths and determine ways to clearly promote these qualities of Value, Care and Convenience. As this website was to replace a long-standing existing site, we were careful to retain the SEO benefits earned over the past few years for each of the high-performing pages. We reworked the informational text to reflect our marketing strategy and optimized SEO on-page best practices. We have also responded quickly to Tailwaggers’ need for content and functional improvements over the past two years.

What we did
  • Strategic Marketing
  • UX/UI & Wireframing
  • Custom Design
  • Content/Message Development
  • Copywriting
  • Website Development
Site Features
  • WordPress
  • Webcam integration for viewing pets
  • Online Registration
  • Embedded video