Stevens Transport Recruitment Video

Imagimedia has produced a wide range of communication programs for Stevens Transport including driver recruitment, retention, benefits, advancement opportunities, corporate identity and training. As the growing transportation industry can never find enough over-the-road drivers, Stevens turned to us, once again, to create this comprehensive recruitment video to be shown at seminars, job fairs and in driving school classes.

One of our primary goals was to position Stevens Transport as a leading firm in the transportation industry and a top quality employer. To this end, we took a filmic approach with the opening to establish the theme “A Great New Day.” This theme positions employment with Stevens Transport as a hopeful beginning of new opportunities. Additionally, we promoted Stevens’ proud position of being a personal, family owned business, while benefiting from the strength of being a highly successful, major corporation. To achieve this, we included stylistic interviews with family members in management positions. And of course, every job seeker wants to know what current employees have to say, so we included driver testimonials. All of this was combined into a slick professional presentation with high production values to support the Steven Transport brand.

What we did
  • Research
  • Concept
  • Scripting
  • Actor and interview direction/li>
  • Graphical production
  • Motion graphics/animation
  • Editing
  • Full Producer services