HxP Associates Online Direct Marketing

HxP Associates video was designed to create engagement and communicate extensive information in an impactful 2-minutes on a relatively low budget. Original video is combined with stock video, text graphics and stock transitional animation/effects. Although the video portion plays on the company website, the primary use is as an online direct marketing mailer. Targeted audiences receive a graphical, animating email with a response button. When clicked, recipients are directed to this interactive Flash presentation. As it plays, the video triggers graphical (non-video) key marketing messages that remain on screen when video has finished playing. Users can interact with with these messages to gain further information.

What we did
  • Marketing research
  • Concept
  • Script
  • Video production
  • Video editing
  • Flash authoring
  • Email design and production
  • Video in Flash container
  • High energy marketing message
  • Integration with low-cost stock
    graphics and animations
  • User can interact to receive more
    information when video is finished playing