Continental Electronics

Continental Electronics is one of the world’s largest and oldest radio frequency (RF) transmitter technology companies. They were an early pioneer of RF technology, and since then have had a spectacular history of innovation.  Their work sits at the crossroads of science fiction and reality, making possible many of the world’s most impressive technology stories– both for the “everyday” and the “mission critical.” For example, Continental Electronics transmitters are used to synchronize the world’s atom clocks, and their transmitters were used to map the surface of the moon prior to the lunar landings!

Imagimedia recognized that these impressive stories could be the greatest factor in creating interest in the company and draw visitors deeper into the site.  The home page uses a very simple and clean design to tell one big story of achievement, illustrated by many other stories of innovation and impact on our lives. Following any one of these individual stories navigates the visitor into more detailed terrain which speaks both to the novice and the technologist.  Drilling down to the site’s deepest levels,  engineering data becomes available, which can also be reached quickly through the main navigation and site search function.


What we did
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