New Leaf Concierge Services

This website was created for a new personal services company. Once again, Imagimedia worked closely with our client to analyze projected marketing, sales and communication goals. More so, we leveraged years of business and marketing experience to make recommendations on how best to structure several strategic business processes, such as referral and loyalty programs, tiered pricing structure and developing niche markets. Our guidance focused on tactical ideas that would integrate best with online delivery. Also, we spent significant time on market positioning and brand development.

What we did
  • Strategic Marketing
  • UX/UI & Wireframing
  • Custom Design
  • Content/Message Development
  • Copywriting
  • Website Development
  • SEO & Social Media Integration
Site Features
  • WordPress
  • Social Media 2-Way Content Sharing
  • Custom forms to support Referral and Partnership programs
  • Secondary Navigation Supports User Objectives
  • High Level Messaging Slider