Continental Electronics

Continental Electronics is one of the world’s largest and oldest Radio Frequency Transmitter technology companies. Their RF transmitters were used to map the surface of the moon prior to the lunar landings! Extremely well known and respected worldwide to their marketplace of select engineers and scientists, this website did not need to be a marketing tool. Instead, our main objective was to create a website primarily for engineers who were searching for information and support. Continental Electronics had nearly 70 pages of information to share; some of it was broader content about product uses and competitive advantages, while much of it was very detailed technical information. Based on testing with typical users, Imagimedia developed a context oriented user interface that displayed secondary navigation options and pathways pertinent to areas of interest. Of course we still employed a full-scope primary navigation. Continental Electronics is a company with only a few dozen potential customers worldwide who they are already well connected with. So design complexity, customer-building functionality and SEO optimization were not priorities here, unlike most websites that require a heavy marketing focus.

What we did
  • User Interface (UI) testing
  • UX Wireframing
  • Information Architecture
  • Design
  • Content/Message Development
  • Hand coding
Site Features
  • Contextual navigation
  • Knowledge Base
  • Video Library